Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Respect- Crown of Ashes excerpt

I thought I'd favor you with a small excerpt of my writing today; a scene between Ja'ek and Selnam, down in a dungeon. For reference, Haitah'Jhat means traitor. It was explained earlier in the book, but for this scene to make sense now I thought that important to note. The other two weird words in the bit are referring to two swords.

              At sunrise Samuel came, trailed by two servants, each bearing a breakfast tray, one for Selnam and another for Massey. Ja’ek was given a crust of bread and a mug of water.
            “The trial is at noon, today,” Samuel said. He looked at Uomey’Ner on the floor, and Xaa’ner in the corner, but didn’t comment.
            “So hasty,” Ja’ek quipped. The stare he gave Sir Samuel was bold, but it held a reserved touch of respect and caution.
            “I will come and fetch you when it is time.” Samuel ignored Ja’ek entirely, focusing on Selnam as he spoke.
            “No manners,” Ja’ek said softly as Sir Samuel left.
            “Haitah’Jhat should expect none. Learn this. Your snide words will not serve as your armor now, as they have done in the past.” Selnam told him. Ja’ek only looked him, but his blank expression could not mask the way his eyes conveyed that his mind was working quickly. After a moment though, he nodded to Selnam, slowly; a silent, admiring applause, while a smile touched the corners of his mouth.

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