Full Name: Ja’ek Hollow
Age: 139
Hair: Color/Description: Dark brown, nearly black. Usually braided. Braided hangs to mid calf length. Unbraided and straight hangs nearly to ankles.
Eyes:  Dark brown.
Height: 5’10”
Gender: Male
Skin: Brown
Physique: Broad shouldered and muscular. Not exceptionally large in any way but intimidating nonetheless. 
Defining Physical Features: Sharply angled eyebrows. A straight nose with a deep dip in the bridge under the forehead.  High cheekbones. Neat mustache, beard and soul patch. 3 facial scars, one cut through right eye/eyebrow and across forehead diagonally. One through left eye and eyebrow. One on left cheek almost parallel with cheekbone. Strange tattoos on back and neck, a few shades darker than his skin.
Planet of Origin: Muurak
Race: Muurakite
Status and/or Titles if applicable: Commoner, Seven
Profession: Captain of the space flyer the Halcyon
Parents: N/A

Character Summary:  Ja’ek is a an ex-pirate captain from Muurak with an affinity for fire magic. He has a  no nonsense attitude. His skills with a blade are nearly unmatched. He’s observant and a quick thinker. He doesn’t do well in the cold. Very little is known about him before he showed up at the end of war between Shesikar and Versiah.

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