Friday, February 28, 2014

Ja'ek Concepts


Some Ja'ek Stuff

"Protecting What is Mine"

Nazlanga Heitrosa

Beast Roary

Spoilers . . ? 

Avalette and Warren

"Keeping A Secret" 

Avalette and Warren
Warren is the First Councilor to the King on Mirkinae. He's pretty darn important. And awesome.


Roary's Wedding Attire

Ja'ek Costume Concepts

Roary Costume Concepts

Avalette Costume Concepts

Jolene Costume Concepts

Hahk'Ul Xaa

Mirkinae's capitol city, otherwise known as the City of a Thousand Towers.

World Building Stuff!

“Common Versiah’n House” Versiah is freakin’ loaded with trees and forests… like loaded. So loaded, there are some trees taller than sky scrapers… most likely. THERE ARE JUST REALLY TALL TREES and REALLY THICK LUSH THINGS. It would be so hard to clear, that most Versiah’n’s just build their houses around or IN the actual tree. Saves a lot of space, and is surprisingly roomy! A common sight on the planet are these tree villages, which have many wooden catwalks that act as the pathways between home to home.

"Solar Kingdom Flyers Ideas" In Solar Kingdoms, there are space ships in which the people call flyers. In order to ship to other planets, these puppies are required to travel. Inside them, there are magical cores that run the engines; they are charged by the person who is assigned to keeping the engine and core in check. Some ships require multiple engineers to keep it running. These are just some test ideas for what some might look like. Clunkier models are older, while the more stream lines ones are of newer lines.