Friday, February 28, 2014

Ja'ek Concepts


Some Ja'ek Stuff

"Protecting What is Mine"

Nazlanga Heitrosa

Beast Roary

Spoilers . . ? 

Avalette and Warren

Avalette and Warren
Warren is the First Councilor to the High King on Muurak. Avalette is the High Queen of Shesikar It's actually unlikely they'd be standing on the same balcony. But they just so happened to end up on the same page.


Roary's Wedding Attire

Ja'ek Costume Concepts

Roary Costume Concepts

Avalette Costume Concepts

Jolene Costume Concepts

Hahk'Ul Xaa

Muurak's capitol city, otherwise known as the City of a Thousand Towers.

World Building Stuff!

“Common Versiahn House” 

"Solar Kingdom Flyers Ideas"