About Solar Kingdoms

                Solar Kingdoms was first conceived when I and Lindsey were 15 years old. We were being our usual nerdy, awesome selves, playing around with fan fiction/ role play ideas. The details aren't important, or even very clear for that matter, as it was such a long time ago. We both paused and I said, “Hey, this is really good. We should write this!” And so it began!

                We changed the names of the characters and began developing a more solid story line. The characters took on lives of their own and their personalities developed.

                Together Lindsey and I have been world building, character building and brainstorming for over ten years. I’ve been writing nearly as long. It’s gone through two drafts before the one I’m currently working on. It’s been an insanely cool journey. I’m now done with the first draft of the first book! Revising is in the works! 
                The story itself follows four main characters, Avalette, Jolene, Ja’ek and Roary. There are however a myriad of characters whose stories will be weaved in as well. I never expected when we started that it would get so big! The whole thing is a combination of high fantasy, including dragons and unicorns and magic, with a touch of science fiction; you know, space ships. 

                The plan has gone from three books to four books. (We’ll see how that works out.) The first book has been renamed Mantle of the King, and the sequel will be Crown of Ashes, which was the working title for book one. Mantle of the King is, in a sense, Roary’s journey of finding out who he is as one war ends and another, much larger one, begins. 

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