Book I: Mantle of the King


        They didn't even call it a war until it was over. It was a power struggle and one battle. The King of Shesikar died in attempt to protect his people against the rival planet invading to look for their lost prince. 
        When Roary Lancer, Captain of the space flyer the New Moon, delivered supplies to the battlefield, after it was all over, he never expected to be the one to fly his Queen home. At the tail end of the three week journey the New Moon is attacked by another flyer. Pirates board and take the crew, and the Queen, hostage. 
        Upon meeting the captain of the Halcyon, Roary is told by the mysterious Ja'ek Hollow, that he's the missing prince, the one the battle was fought over. Despite all Roary's protests, it turns out to be true. Roary finds himself caught between the planet he loves, the one he grew up on, and the heavy responsibility he now bears of learning to rule and care for people he's been against his entire life.
        And in the shadows, Chaos looms, the Harbinger of an even greater war, the war to end the worlds. 


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