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Character Full Name: Jolene Avalette Ekdrayas
Age: (beginning of Crown of Ashes)  30
Hair: Color/Description: Dark red, slightly wavy. Hangs past her bottom. Styling it varies from day to day. Often it is pulled back somehow to keep it out of the way, but it’s often just left down.
Eyes:   Green
Height: 5’10’’
Gender: Female
Skin: Fair
Physique: A somewhat thin, curvy figure, voluptuous, and very strong.  
Defining Physical Features: Freckles on her face and shoulders and chest. Full lips and large eyes.
Planet of Origin: Shesetirn
Race: Shesetite
Status and/or Titles if applicable: Crown Princess of Shesetirn, Heir to the Throne.
Profession: Unavailable
Parents: Avalette Ekdrayas and Conrai Ekdrayas

Character Summary: Jolene is a woman of many talents and ambitions. In addition to being groomed for the throne she spends time every day learning the sword, the bow, and strategy, side by side with learning how to use her magic gifts to their full potential. She’s observant, patient, and kind hearted.
She’s determined to one day be Captain General of the Royal Army of Shesetirn. 

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