Character Full Name: Roary Lancer
Age: (beginning of Crown of Ashes)  36
Hair: Color/Description: Dirty blonde, kind of shaggy
Eyes:   Very bright, pale blue.
Height:  6’2’’
Gender: Male
Skin: Very fair
Physique: Tall and broad shouldered, a bit lanky. Long cord like muscles.
Defining Physical Features: Boyish face. His eyes are striking to the point people might double take. A large, but handsome nose.
Planet of Origin: Versiah, but was raised on the moon of Rhein, a territory of Shesikar
Race: Versiahn
Status and/or Titles if applicable: Commoner
Profession: Farmer, Merchant flyer Captain
Parents: Malick Lancer

Character Summary: Roary is a merchant flyer captain, based on Shesikar. He’s generally light hearted, and sarcastic. When things are going well he’s great company. When they are not going well he’s irritable and has a fondness for cussing. He knows a few simple spells but prefers to rely on his own two hands to get things done. He knows the basics with a sword. He’s very loyal to his friends and his family, and visits his father on Rhein whenever he gets the chance. 

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