Character Full Name: Roary Lancer
Age: (beginning of Crown of Ashes)  36
Hair: Color/Description: Sandy blonde. Very shaggy and all over the place, like he doesn’t do more than comb it once in the morning. Until of course it gets cropped off very short.
Eyes:   Very bright, pale blue.
Height:  6’2’’
Gender: Male
Skin: Very fair
Physique: Tall and broad shouldered, a bit lanky. Long cord like muscles.
Defining Physical Features: Boyish face. His eyes are striking to the point people might double take. A large, but handsome nose.
Planet of Origin: The Shesetite moon, Rhein.
Race: Versiah’n
Status and/or Titles if applicable: Commoner
Profession: Farmer/Space Transport Flyer Captain
Parents: Malick Lancer

Character Summary: Roary is a Flyer Captain who specializes in transporting, mainly from Shesetirn to her moon colonies and back. He’s generally light hearted,  and usually very sarcastic. When things are going well he’s great company. When they are not going well he’s irritable and has a fondness for cussing. He knows a few simple spells of the Gift but prefers to rely on his own two hands to get things done. And his sword, but hasn’t had much need of that. He’s very loyal to his friends and his family, and visits his father on Rhein whenever he gets the chance. He really hates Gelmings ( camel like pack animal.) 

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