Character Full Name: Avalette Enerick Ekrayas
Age: (beginning of Crown of Ashes)  147
Hair: Color/Description: Platinum blonde. Wavy and hangs to her mid back. Usually perfectly styled up.
Eyes:   Silver grey
Height: 5’2’’
Gender: Female
Skin: Very fair
Physique: Small and petite but with very curvy hips.
Defining Physical Features: Full lips and large eyes. Definable cheek bones, graceful neck. One small, faint scar on the left side of her jaw.
Planet of Origin: Shesetirn
Race: Shesetite
Status and/or Titles if applicable: Queen of Shesetirn
Profession:  Queen of Shesetirn
Parents: King Tyden Enerick and Queen Alandra Enerick

Character Summary: Queen Avalette is generally loved by her people. She is a just and kind ruler, but will boldly do things that must be done for the greater good of her kingdom and planet. Despite her small stature she fills a room with her presence. She’s efficient with a sword and very skilled with her mage Gift, especially when it comes to earth and stone. She loves to dance, and is excellent on horseback.

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