Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New Excerpt

Here I, Anna, am! Halfway through NaNoWriMo!
I am a bit ahead of schedule in my writing, and it's going well at the moment.

I have a short excerpt to share today. Enjoy.

Excerpt from Solar Kingdoms: Crown of Ashes
Chapter Ten
Drugs and Water

Despite feeling sick, Roary's frustration and fear gave him adrenaline and he worked quickly and well. He forced himself to eat at lunch, knowing if he didn’t he’d only make himself more sick, ahead of time. Which was likely not wise. He’d never been planet side during the cycle. He’d never once actually experienced the moons effect on his blood. It was awful.
            “Why . . . why under the Light, did this have to be me?!” he muttered. “And why under the Light did I have to end up enslaved on Shesetirn of all places? This is . . . so, so bad!” He said the last word very loudly. One of the guards down the hall turned to look at him. Roary glared at him, but then turned his attention back to the floor.
            His water bucket was nearly empty. He’d need to go fill it again soon.
            Roary sloshed the mop into again and then pushed it along the floor, his grip tight. He kept muttering, his arms flexing in irritation and then, the handle snapped in his grip.
            “Ah! Nine Hells and Ulverick’s rotting corpse!” he swore loudly. In his momentary fury he snatched up the nearly empty bucket and turned, tossing the water out.
            Onto a person. “Bloodsnakes,” he breathed, eyes wide. He was in so much trouble.

            Jolene left her mother’s study, scowling. The news of what was going to be occurring shortly because they lost the battle on Mihick was disturbing. Drahk’ner was getting what he wanted though, and there was no way to protest it, save to fight another battle.
            They couldn’t afford to do that.
            And so, Versiah’n soldier’s and men would be swarming to Shesetirn, taking over control of the streets, searching homes and market stalls and schools, anywhere they pleased, to find Roary Dere'kelt.
            They would comb the planet, and Jolene knew that there would be damage to people’s belongings, their land, and their homes. The soldiers would take up residence wherever they pleased, for according to Drahk’ner, it was their right while they searched.
            With this kind of madness, the damage would go beyond property, Jolene knew. People would get hurt, and likely violated.
            She shuddered. While her mother’s newly heated temper was disturbing (she had never been one to shout and scream before this battle) Jolene understood why. This was going to be a mess, and it was going to be an aching, festering abscess in Shesetirn’s way of life.
            All for some stupid boy. Drahk’ner’s passion was making him lose sight of reality. Jolene almost felt certain the prince was dead.
            Why else would he disappear for thirty-three years?!
            She turned up the corridor and pushed her dark red hair out of her face, sighing. She needed to calm down. Fretting about it like this would only wind her up, and that was no good. It certainly wouldn’t help the situation any. What was done was done. They’d just have to do the best they could to protect the people and their homes and their property.
            She turned a corner, her eyes going a bit wide to see a prisoner boy there, swearing rather brilliantly over a broken mop handle. She smirked and walked a bit closer, needing to pass him by to get to the stairs to go up to her chambers.
            She stopped in her tracks though as he snatched up his bucket and whirled around. The water sailed out and she jumped as it landed right on her head, splashing her hair and face and chest.
            She blinked quickly, gasping a little. Sun and Stars it was cold!
            The boy swore again and Jolene looked up at him to meet his wide eyes. She was sure hers were just as round. He looked terrified though. He opened his mouth again to speak but she held up a hand.
            Something about his expression, made her anger fade. She nearly laughed, but she kept it in.
            “Good aim,” she said lightly, shaking water from her arms.
            “Wh-what?!” he asked, exasperated.

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