Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mirkinae'n Alicorn

First Note, I am aware that the 'Alicorn' is actually the word used to refer to the actual horn of the Unicorn.

In the case of this creature however, the beast was named after it's only useful property, it's horn.

The Muurakite Alicorn is a cross breeding of the Versiahn Unicorn, The Muurakite Unicorn, ( a beast of gentle temperament towards humans, with training. It behaves much like a dog despite it's large size.) and war horses of various types.
As a point of reference please note the Muurakite Unicorn has no magical properties, is a semi-large beast, and it is a predator/scavenger.
The purpose of the breeding was the hope to create a Unicorn with some magical properties, but also the capabilities of a war horse (and the bulk) and the sharp teeth and temperament of the Muurakite Unicorn.

However the result ended up being a scavenger beast with very little patience for human's, and a very vicious nature. The animal is virtually untrainable, far too high strung and downright mean.

They travel in family groups/herds ranging from two to twenty or so animals. Rarely are there less than five or six of them in one herd.

They're overprotective of their own kind, will generally stay out of people's way as long as the boundaries are not pushed.

The issue is if they feel the least bit threatened they tend to attack, and they will not stop till they have killed, or have been killed.

For the most part they scavenge out of laziness. They can kill their own meal if desperate enough and they will do it. But the Alicorn is a slothful creature that when left alone wanders around it's desert home at a leisurely pace.

They have over the years developed a softer tissued hoof that splays some over the sand, like a camel's foot or a gelming, though it is not quite so soft as those noted creatures.

They are often nicknamed the 'Fire Horse' deriving from the bright red hue of the root hair on their manes and tales.

They usually come in brown's, this reddish - tan color being the most common. They have however been spotted in cream colors and occasionally dark grey's or black. They sometimes have faint spots.

Pencil, micron pens, copic markers.

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