Saturday, December 31, 2011

Versiah'n Unicorn

This is old. But I like it so here it is!

In Solar Kingdoms, there are several different breeds and types of Unicorns.
The most traditional is this, the Versiahn variety.

The Versiahn unicorn is a small beast, roughly standing at the withers about the height of the average human's waist.
They have magical properties in their horns, such as healing and cleansing.
They're always white, born with brown spots that fade as they age. The spots can be over the whole body at birth, or they can appear just at the 'tips' of the creature.
Sometimes as adults they retain faint gray spots.
They always have blue or green eyes. The shade varies, but is usually very bright.
They generally travel in pairs, (as they mate for life) rarely in greater numbers, though have been known to on occasion.

Sketched in pencil, inked with Micron pens, colored with Prismacolor markers.

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